WordPress Hosting in the Cloud

Check out our up and coming projects and their release progress.

Automated Site Migrations

Have a website with another company and want to move to WP.land? Let us migrate it for you at no cost. Our Automated WordPress Site Migration is on it’s way!

Automated Client Transfers

We get it, client’s aren’t always the most tech-savvy individuals. With Automated Client Transfers you can set up everything for your client, build the site, then pass it off to them to maintain the billing in the future.

Enhanced Restoration

Currently restoring an old WordPress backup requires opening a ticket. You’ll still get lighting-fast support, but we are working on making that process 100% automated so you can restore to your heart’s delight.

Staging/Dev Environments

Ever wish you could work on your WordPress project without the world seeing all of your changes, or even better, your client watching over every line update? With Staging AND Dev Environments we’ve got you covered.


Need to go deeper into the code? With SSL-FTP you will have full access to your WordPress install to upload & download as needed. Apply custom themes, upload add-ons or work from your favorite editor.

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