WordPress is a Hit with Small Businesses

WordPress has slowly grown its share of the web, now powering over 27% of all the sites on the internet. It’s been a steady crawl since the company’s inception in November of 2005. In the following 11 plus years, the “blogging platform” has far outgrown its initial use to power a wide variety of sites. Being used on over a quarter of the web is no easy feat. What’s the secret? How did what many could call “the little engine that could” become such a major player in a little over a decade? If you ask the leadership at WordPress directly, they’ll tell you it’s because they’re such a popular choice for small businesses. Perhaps small business owners just like you.


WordPress Developed with Small Businesses in Mind


TechRepublic recently conducted an interview with WordPress chief marketing officer Chris Taylor to better understand what it is about WordPress that has allowed it to grow so much. He summarized it as “The customer’s brand is the hero. WordPress is not a closed social network where your brand is secondary. While WordPress may not be a household name, chances are you know people who have sites that are built on WordPress.”


This is a key point and one of the biggest reasons why small business owners prefer WordPress far and away compared to other content management systems or alternatives. Unlike, say, Facebook where Facebook’s branding is the major presence even on your business’ page, WordPress always hangs out in the background. The name “WordPress” doesn’t appear all over your website. It’s very much your site and you can spotlight your branding. That’s why WordPress as a platform has so stealthily taken over the web.


The reason why WordPress has been able to so successfully blend into the background and “shapeshift” to take on different functionalities is because of the fact it is open source software. It is both a free software and a paid one should you so choose to go through the official WordPress.com channel. It’s the free version that you see all over the web, however. There are thousands of sites using WordPress and they all look different from one another thanks to the work of independent developers who have created quite the industry around the platform.


Businesses have Sprung Up Thanks to WordPress


Any major business that becomes as successful as WordPress creates a third-party market around it. In the case of WordPress, a few distinct ones have come up. One is WordPress hosting companies that specialize in hosting WordPress sites specifically. Their hardware is chosen with the platform in mind and the customer service experience is tailored towards it. You can feel confident knowing you’re getting experts in the field who will help you keep your site online.


Other businesses that have come up are more developer oriented. This is where all the unique looks and functionality come from. Developers have created a big marketplace of WordPress themes and plugins. Users who demand certain functionality will often find it amongst the thousands and thousands of plugins currently available. It’s through certain themes and plugins that WordPress has been able to transform from a blogging platform to an ecommerce one and even a company intranet if you’re savvy enough with PHP. Companies are always actively seeking people with WordPress experience because of the variety of platform’s variety of uses.


Many Benefits for Small Businesses in Particular


Sure, WordPress powers some major sites. But its core base is still in the world of small business. That’s because the functionality that is developed for WordPress is geared towards the concerns of small business owners: scalability, rapid growth, audience engagement, and social outreach. Many of the most popular plugins are designed for social media integration, advanced comment systems, image resizing depending on user device, and in-depth SEO functionality.


The modern iteration of WordPress is similar to a Swiss Army knife. It wants to be the one tool that does nearly everything you need. Small business owners are on a limited budget. They can’t afford to sign up for a dozen different services just to power their website. With WordPress, they can get their site to perform nearly exactly how they want all for the price of the themes and plugins they chose. If they act strategically, they can get by with many free plugins.




WordPress is designed with the user experience and convenience in mind. It’s supposed to feel like a content management system that anyone can use with minimal headaches. Part of reducing headaches is making sure that your hosting company can handle most of the backend heavy lifting for you. WP.land is the WordPress hosting company you’ve been looking for. We bring the experience and customer service you need to painlessly get a WordPress site up and running. Contact us today and see what small business owners all over the world are already experiencing.

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