Why Your WordPress Web Hosting Company is an Important Business Partner

If you’ve ever run a business you know one of the most important things you need to keep track of is your time. Yes, time is money, but it goes beyond that popular idiom. There is only so much time in the day to get things accomplished. If you’re in the business of selling goods and services, you probably don’t want to get bogged down in the technicalities of deploying a website. Sure, you have a creative vision. But the “under the hood” concerns like bandwidth, software upgrades, and other hosting duties probably seem more like an overwhelming hassle than interesting projects to tinker with. Who has all that time? This is where your WordPress web hosting company comes in. You may not think of your web hosting company as a business partner, but it may be time to readjust your way of thinking. When it comes to running your business, a web hosting company is more than just another vendor.


You may be asking yourself what makes working with a web hosting company better than going it alone. After all, can’t anyone just throw up a site and only have to worry about renewing the domain name every year? Technically, yes. That doesn’t mean you should. Especially if your site is where you run a business from. Let’s look at some of the advantages of using a dedicated web hosting company for keeping your WordPress site online.


Why can’t I just use WordPress.com?


This often seems like the million-dollar question. Why not just use the practically free hosting that comes with WordPress.com and call it a day? Well, if all you’re doing is keeping a basic site online to blog on or have people contact you through, that might be the solution for you. Thirty or so dollars a year and you’re done. However, for a site that you want to give a professional appearance, purpose, and performance, you’re going to want a dedicated host that you place your site on using the tools downloaded from WordPress.org.


The “free” version of WordPress is simply too restrictive when it comes to operating a business. Your choice of themes is restricted so you can’t get the exact look you want. Only a handful of plugins are available to install on WordPress.com. Only a dedicated host can have access to the thousands of plugins available. Additionally, if you have a little know-how or have a developer, you can’t access the code to make any customized changes to your site. With a web hosting company, they can do the heavy lifting of getting the site installed and you’ll have access to all of WordPress’ functionality.


What about security?


Security is key when handling sensitive private data that customers are trusting you’ll keep safe. It’s been stated many times because it’s true, but consistently upgrading your WordPress core installation is the major key to remaining secure. A good web host will perform these updates for you so you don’t have to worry about it. Having to stay on top of the latest WordPress patches is a part-time job unto itself. Or, it can be an added expense of hiring a developer to always be at the ready to make these changes. You may not need that kind of overhead if you only make occasional under the hood changes to your site. That doesn’t even take into account having to then follow-up your software updates with updating all your plugins as well. Don’t get yourself bogged down in the technical aspects of running your business site. Partnership with a web hosting company will give you peace of mind and site stability.


And if I want to expand my web presence?


Scalability is something that will be of concern if your business really takes off. Of course, this is a great problem to have. Having that kind of traffic and order processing is a goal. However, if your site can’t handle the load, that could provide your customers with a poor experience. Your web hosting company will handle all bandwidth problems for you. Need more server space? Done. This is when that partnership comes into play. No more need to find yet another vendor to handle expanding your site’s capabilities. You may also find you want to launch smaller satellite sites for SEO purposes or to fill niches you’re trying to reach. Your web hosting company can handle all of that so your costs remain low and everything is under one umbrella.


While the technical aspects of running a site may not appeal to you, it’s important to have a partner who can help with the essentials. WordPress is an easy to understand and use solution for nearly any kind of user. Keep the simplicity going by partnering up with a dedicated WordPress web hosting company to handle all your technical backend needs.


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