Why WordPress is the Platform of Choice for Independent Contractors

It’s been said many times on this blog and across the internet that WordPress is the best platform to use for running a business. If you need more convincing, just check out this excellent article in Entrepreneur. The magazine devoted to business excellence has given its stamp of approval. But, up until now the focus has been on running a full business operation with WordPress as the backbone. Many times this has taken the form of putting up an ecommerce storefront or an informational blog to encourage some other measurable conversion. Let’s not forget, however, that “business” can mean many things. Not everyone is looking to sell products on a site. If you’re part of the ever increasing independent contractor population, you know that running a business looks a little different to you. The good you are selling is your skillset. There are plenty of reasons why using WordPress as the home base for your personal brand is the way to go. Let’s explore how WordPress can benefit your freelance career.


WordPress Eexpertise is a Desirable Skill


Let’s begin with a benefit that may not be obvious. Beyond showing off your work, references, and C.V. on your site, your WordPress build will demonstrate one other very important skillset employers are looking for: expertise with WordPress itself as a content platform. There has been an increase in requests for “experience in WordPress” as a job prerequisite on sites like Indeed.com. With nearly a quarter of all the sites on the web using WordPress as their content management system, employers want to know that the people they are hiring know their way around the backend. Whether you’re looking for full time employment or a contract gig, knowing your way around WordPress could be the skill that lands you the job. If you become skilled at installing your own plugins, updating your own software, and performing any kind of general maintenance, you’ll be an even more attractive candidate. This is especially true if your prospective employer is looking for someone with developer skills.


It’s the Ideal Portfolio Platform


As an independent contractor, you’re constantly thinking about your budget. You always have to be prepared for lean months where maybe work isn’t so plentiful. The great thing about WordPress is that other than paying for cheap web hosting, keeping your portfolio online doesn’t really cost much of anything. Without an online presence, you’re not going to get very far. Luckily, this necessary expenditure won’t break the bank with the right web hosting provider. WordPress also allows you to easily update your site even if you don’t have traditional developer experience with HTML and CSS. Whether you work in graphic design, content marketing, social media, or whatever else, you can easily upload your work in the WordPress backend and have a professional looking site in no time. Let the theme you select do all the heavy lifting for you. There are themes available for any kind of image you’re looking to portray, regardless of whether you need it to be text or image heavy.


Your Site is a Cost Effective Lead Generator


Even if you aren’t necessarily interested in hosting a portfolio online, you still need a cheap and easy to maintain home base on the internet to reach customers. More importantly, you need a way for those potential customers to reach you. WordPress makes this easy with a nearly endless supply of lead generation plugins to choose from. At the very least, you’re going to want to install contact forms on your site. This is the most tried and true method of bringing in new business. It acts as a robust enough introduction of the potential client without bogging them down in a survey-length experience that may cause them to just close out the window and move on to something else. WordPress also has excellent social media integration, which is fantastic for lead generation. You can set up your site as a feed that shows all your social media activity and have your social media posts lead back to your site. This is also useful for setting up some basic analytics to see where you’re deriving the most traffic from. The key to succeeding in business these days is having a brand. With WordPress you can express yourself and allow people to easily contact you to hire you.


If you’re an independent contractor, you need a site that is cost effective and easy to make changes to. You don’t want to get caught up in tweaking your site when you have client work to worry about. WordPress allows you to easily establish an online presence, grow your business, and solidify your brand without headaches or breaking the bank. If you haven’t considered running your freelance business from a WordPress site, it’s time to see what you’ve been missing.

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