Why Marketing Professionals Should Set Their Clients Up with WordPress Sites


Executing a digital marketing campaign, as anyone who has worked on one before can tell you, is challenging. There are many obstacles that can come up when first assessing the client’s needs and deciding where to even begin. The primary issue is generally the client’s website. Sure, social media accounts and email lists are important. But, it’s where those accounts all point to that’s going to determine whether or not measurable conversions go up. Increased traffic is nice, but if the bounce rate nears 100% it isn’t very useful.


This is where WordPress can help make a marketer’s job much easier. While WordPress is an excellent solution for any kind of web-based business, let’s look at how marketers specifically can use WordPress in a variety of ways to get better results from their campaigns.


Homepage Overhaul


Is your client running a site on proprietary CMS that reminds you of a labyrinth with a tendency to break every time you log into it? Is there even a CMS? A marketer’s worst nightmare may be a site that exists only as code with no easily accessible content management system to do quick and easy edits. Position doing a site migration for the client and rebuilding on the WordPress platform. A WordPress site is much easier to use for all parties involved. Blog posts, image uploads, and copy updating is as simple as can be on WordPress. If a team of people are working on the site, ease of use will keep all edits streamlined. This can solve the far too common problem of a site being set up by a developer years ago and then no one on the client’s team having the credentials or technical knowledge to make any substantial changes to the existing site.


Landing Pages


When speaking about landing pages, there are really two different things that can be discussed: specific pages on the client’s main website and single page external sites built primarily for marketing purposes. For both scenarios, WordPress is the way to go. By definition, a landing page is a specific page traffic is funneled to in order to accomplish some sort of conversion; whether it be generating leads or making a sale. WordPress allows you to quickly make new pages on an existing site by simply copying the theme in use and providing easy text entries for writing any new content. As far as creating all new sites for a client, WordPress is attractive as well. With cheap web hosting being your only real expense, you can quickly build and launch single page sites and use lead generation plugins, such as forms, to measure conversions. Or, if search engine optimization is what you’re working on, these single page sites can point to the main site to boost the traffic or link values you’re looking for.

Social Media Integration


Circling back to social media, WordPress makes integrating with the most popular social media platforms as easy as can be. One feature that many WordPress users take advantage of is the easy installation of social share buttons that appear on each post. If a visitor finds value in the information you’re providing, they can easily share it on all of their social networks with the click of a button. This is an easy marketing win. You can also install widgets into WordPress that will display the clients’ social media activity onsite so visitors can know where they can get their breaking news and information. When visitors come to the site logged into their social media accounts, it also allows for easy comment section posting. Visitors may be deterred from participating if they’re forced to fill out a lengthy log in form each time they want to leave a comment.

Client Independence


This can be a double edged sword and depends upon how you like to run your marketing business. Some marketers want to make all site edits themselves so they can retain tight control over their efforts while others want clients to have the ability to access their own site to do their own edits. The choice is yours, but if you value client independence, WordPress is the easiest content management platform to learn which is why it’s so popular. You could do a quick training for clients, showing them how to make edits on their site whenever they wish.


If you’re already running your own sites on WordPress, it’s time to spread that knowledge to your clients. Explain to them how WordPress can greatly help in the expansion of their online business. As a marketer, time is money. You’re juggling multiple clients that all require hours of attention each week. WordPress gives you an easily executable and scalable solution for every client right out of the box. Work better by working with WordPress.

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