Top 7 Ways to Increase Site Traffic

The best problem to have in business is having your demand outpace your capabilities. Sure, there are initial growing pains. But once you play catch up, you can reap the benefits. In the realm of a web based business, the worst you’ll have to do is contact your web hosting company about upgrading your server tier plan. So, if you haven’t been hitting your sales and traffic goals, or you’re ready to take things to the next level, let’s take a look at some ways anyone can start increasing traffic to your site today.


Because you’re a business owner (or marketer) you probably don’t want to get caught up in the technical details. If that aspect of running a site doesn’t interest you, you’re in luck. None of these suggestions are dependent upon your technical know-how. You won’t have to open a text editor and stare at your site’s code. WordPress makes everything simpler.  All it takes is strategy and good, old-fashioned tried and true marketing. Here are just seven of the ways you can begin bumping up your site traffic.


Promote Interaction on Your Site


It’s more effective to speak with your customers than to speak at them. If you look at the model editorial sites have followed for the past decade, you’ll see that they’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of hosting comments sections. While your site may not lend itself to a comments section, you can install a forum for onsite conversation and leverage social media plugins to encourage conversation off-site as well.


Blog Consistently


Fresh content is what keeps people returning to your site. Even if you run an ecommerce site that stays more or less static, the inclusion of a WordPress blog allows for easily indexed content that will provide SEO benefits as well as useful material for customers. Blogs are also great fodder for conversation on social networks. Speaking of using blogs to begin conversations, that leads us to our next tip.


Promote Your Blog Posts


There are multiple ways you can get your content out there. Leveraging your email lists is a classic and effective method of promoting whatever it is you’re looking to get eyeballs on that week. Traditionally, this is a great way to promote coupons and sales which undoubtedly drive traffic. You can also promote blog posts here occasionally. If people subscribed to your list are already conditioned to follow the links you provide via sales, this is a good way to increase blog traffic, which will elevate overall organic search traffic for your site.


Use Community Discovery Tools


Obviously, you’re eventually going to have reach beyond your existing scope. Email lists and social networks are good, but they use existing connections for the most part. Submitting your content to a site like StumbleUpon or joining a blogger network where you can interact with others in your industry (and cross promote one another) are great ways to reach audiences you wouldn’t have reached before. There is a sense of randomness involved (especially with StumbleUpon) but not all advertising is specifically targeted.


Interact with the Media


Depending on your particular niche, you may find yourself with opportunities to participate in some PR work. It’s always important to have a solid contact form plugin installed on your WordPress site for this very reason. Journalists often reach out to business owners looking to get comments for stories. Twitter is another great place where you can gain traction by interacting with more social circles.


Link to Relevant Content


This tip is actually two suggestions in one. First, yes link to other relevant pages on your own site. It’ll help visitors navigate your site better and focus them so that they follow the funnel into a conversion. But, paying it forward also has its benefits. Link to outside sources as well. Generally, site owners will reciprocate if appropriate. If you build links to sites with higher traffic, that will certainly help you in your search engine optimization efforts.


Use SEO Plugins


WordPress is known for its huge array of plugins that allow you to add functionality to your site without having to know how to code. Increasing traffic isn’t just about performing marketing duties. There are some technical elements to this as well. SEO plugins make this easy. With simple installation, all you need to do is enter the pertinent information into the provided text fields like you do any other kind of content. Check out Jetpack for the most comprehensive multi use plugin.


That’s a solid start to getting a strategy underway to boost your site traffic. Though there were seven tips listed here, there are plenty more for you to discover as you see your visitor count increase. Remember, your WordPress site is easily scalable. With the right hosting solution, you’ll be prepared to easily handle the growth in your traffic.

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