Tips for Grooming Your WordPress Business Blog for Success!

All seems well and for a time you feel comfortable with your blog. You let certain things-small things like unrelated links or personal information to build up on your sidebar. After a while these small and innocuous things begin to clutter up your site, making it a hassle to navigate and fully enjoy your blog. It happens far too often and reminds us that not everyone is always capable of creating the most efficient and readable blog on their first try. If you want to run a blog for a business, you’re gonna need to start learning how to groom your blog for accessibility and simplicity-all the while retaining the vital information you still wish to promote.


You want your blog to be easy to navigate and read. It should be simple for your viewers. This is especially true when it comes down to a business setting, where overly-complex blogs or clunky interfaces and themes may confuse or even scare away potential clients. While WordPress is fairly easy to set up and manage your content, even the best blog can succumb to webpage bloat if you don’t exercise care over several aspects of its life! Below are a few tips that can help you keep your blog well-trimmed and ready for potential readers.



Spam Comments: Ever pervasive, spam-bots will trawl the web looking for websites to add their spam content into. Usually this takes the form of your comments section and RSS feed. Once your website has found some form of success and is noticed or ranked by Google, you’ll suddenly find your blog dotted with comments from seemingly random strangers. Unlike the active and interested audience you’ll want for your blog, you’ll be bombarded by spam-bots parading around marketing gibberish, ads or links to a random assortment of products and websites that are often completely unrelated to your content. Not only does this look bad for you and your blog, if the messages are not cleaned up right away or are left out for authentic readers to see, it could damage your blog’s reputation and viewership.


Luckily there are several services like Akismet, who will clean up and filter spam comments before you ever even notice them! For just $5 a month, you can rid yourself of spending valuable time hunting down and deleting offending spam.




Permalink SEO: So your blog has a whole lot of content that you’ve meticulously set up, but people aren’t biting. This doesn’t mean your content is boring or unreliable! It could simply mean that people just aren’t seeing your blog when they type in your blogs defining content in google search.  Maybe it’s stuck around page 9 in the google web results, and people have lost interest in their search well before that. Fortunately, WordPress users can effortlessly modify their permalink to change it into something Google can better identify with. Taken together with other SEO methods or plugins, you can help jumpstart your blog’s traffic and authenticity by keeping your permalink wording simple and concise.


Sidebar Clutter: Often times you’ll be so busy building your blog up and making sure that it’s engaging to your viewers. A good blog, especially one tailored for your business, should be easy to read and navigate. One of the most common problems facing your WordPress blog may be the amount of clutter along the sidebar of your blog. While WordPress offers and encourages the use of many useful and fun sidebar widgets, not everyone may be useful to your blog’s content. In fact, you may find that the content of your sidebar could be distracting people from your more important content. Do the readers of your blog about your surfboard business really need to see your latest tweets or book reviews? Unless they are specific to your blog content (think updates and subscriptions), then the answer is most likely no. Always make sure that the content of your sidebar is related to the overall content of your blog. Don’t just fill in your sidebar space with buttons or links to your favorite stores. People reading your blog don’t need any more distractions when perusing your online content.


It should be noted that while it’s great to reduce the clutter in your blog, it’s another thing to attempt to minimalism important information for the sake of readability. You’ll still want the readers of your blog to be able to find and engage with the information that you have provided for them. Provide a link to subscribe to your content in your sidebar or any other easily accessible area. Be smart! Weigh the importance of your sidebar content and choose what would fit your blog best.


Spacing and Formatting: This is a bit more on the obvious side, but providing a clear format with plenty of spacing will reduce word clutter and put less strain on your readers eyes. Try to make sure that the font is large enough to be easily read by most readers, and that the content of your blog has the right spacing in between. Try to maximize the whitespace (the area around your written content) so that people reading your blog can easily tell when one article or paragraph begins, and another ends.


Consider Mobile-Friendly Web Themes: Imagine you have followed these steps and have a blog ready for business. Then someone on the go attempts to view your site from their phone and finds everything in disorder, links that won’t open, images taking too long to load and even themes not showing up. Plan for readers to view your site from their phones. There are plenty of mobile-friendly plugins that you can find for this situation. You can also direct any mobile reader to a specified mobile version of your blog. It’s important for a business oriented blog to be able to be accessible by people on the go who don’t always possess the comforts of their personal computers.


Following these tips can hopefully help you create a more simplistic and decidedly more user-friendly blog for your business. Your readers will appreciate your content more and you can still rest at ease knowing your content is still as responsive as you want it!

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