Ten WordPress Plugins to Improve Content Creation

One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress as your content management system is that it makes content creation pretty easy. That’s why it’s so widely used and is relatively beginner friendly. It is the CMS of choice for business owners that don’t want to get bogged down in the technical aspects of operating a website. But, just because something is already easy doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon for an even more convenient and streamlined experience.


The ability to customize and improve upon the core installation is WordPress’ greatest selling point. There is a plugin available for nearly any kind of functionality you could want. But, at the end of the day, every site needs quality, effective content no matter the industry. Staying on top of your content can sometimes be a daunting task. With these ten plugins designed to help you with your content creation, you’ll be able to make your job a bit easier. Let’s take a look at them.


Editorial Calendar


The most important part of any content strategy is actually getting it organized. Nothing makes producing content more difficult than not having a plan. You always want to have a piece of content created and scheduled weeks out to ensure there are no gaps in your posting schedule. With Editorial Calendar you can organize your content right from your dashboard. No separate apps necessary.


Edit Flow


Edit Flow is a great companion plugin for Editorial Calendar. Edit Flow is more team based so if you have multiple contributors to your site and they’re all providing different types of content, this is a central location where they can make notes on the calendar. Keeping track of your content team is a peace of cake with Edit Flow.




It’s no secret the internet loves lists. Look at any viral piece of text based content and you’ll see it’s more than likely some kind of list. With Listly you can easily format your content into a variety of lists.  Choose from plain text, galleries, magazine format, and more. Switching formats is easy.




It’s a solid struggle between the reigning kings of shareable content: lists vs images. Visitors love to see images in posts. It breaks up the text and makes the content more enjoyable to read. Why not give them both? ImageInject searches a variety of Creative Commons databases for you so you can easily add pictures to your posts.


Opinion Stage


Users love interaction, especially when it means their opinion gets to be heard. That’s where Opinion Stage comes in. This plugin allows you to create forms for your site that can be presented as polls, surveys, and quizzes. It’s a pretty handy functionality to have if you’re trying to increase engagement on your site.


Ether Content Builder


Sometimes you want to create content pages with some more advanced functionality that may not be built into the theme you’re currently using. The difficulty of doing this is that if often requires having the ability to code, particularly in PHP. That’s where Ether Content Builder can help you out. This plugin allows you to create complex layouts, including responsive ones, without needing to dig into the coding guts of your site.


Aesop Story Engine


Effective content is all about storytelling. Sometimes we need a hand with the storytelling part when it comes to creating content in the digital space. Aesop Story Engine is an interesting plugin that helps you create interactive, longform pieces with a variety of visual aids. Turn your plain text into a mult-faceted, multimedia piece for maximum engagement.


Envira Gallery


Envira Gallery is a simple to use image management plugin. Create beautiful galleries with included templates and a drag-and-drop style builder. It even comes with share buttons you can include on your posts for easier sharability on major social networks.




Zedity is a multimedia focused plugin that’s aimed at non-tech users who want to simply add multimedia to their posts. Easily embed audio and video with a variety of tools for customization.


YouTube Embed Plugin


The last plugin on this list does something simple but helpful. YouTube is a great place to host content without worrying about storing it on your own server. With the YouTube Embed Plugin you can easily integrate YouTube content into your posts while still maintaining a responsive design.




Creating quality content for your site has never been easier with WordPress and these ten plugins. And with the right web hosting company, it’s never been easier to get a site off the ground and operating. The team at WP.Land is experienced in handling all the hosting and management issues associated with the WordPress platform. Why go to a generic host when you can have specialized help with your platform of choice? Contact us today and we’ll help you set up your WordPress site in no time.


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