Low-Traffic Websites and How to Maximize Your Profit From Them

When you first start running your blog, you’ll reach a point where it either expands and hits some heavy web traffic, or remains consistent with very low levels of viewers. I view this as a crossroads. One road leads towards where the more financially-inclined people go. High-traffic sites would be right up your alley in this case. The other road is for people who work with low-traffic sites. These can be people new to blogging or with specific and hard to promote niches. For those who want to make some money off their blogging, working with low-traffic can be a major detriment to your income. You’ll face the challenge of either promoting and gaining more traffic to your site, or having it stagnate and remain bound to more humble aspirations.

You can still make some money while maintaining a low-traffic blog! The important thing to keep in mind is that while you won’t be making the same level of income as a higher-trafficked, SEO structured powerhouse, you’ll still be setting yourself up for success while maximizing your blogs potential. Once your blog has been created and content has been written, the next step is getting over the hill. You’ll need more traffic to gain traffic, an amusing dilemma well known to most bloggers. So if you’re only bringing it maybe 100 hits a month, then the chances that your blog will suddenly bloom are very slim.

At this point you start setting up some basic SEO or maybe buy some ad-space, hoping to jumpstart your website into overdrive and reap the financial benefits. However, even with these simple steps you can still find yourself running into many vexing problems! Low-traffic blogs face several very real challenges for anyone hoping to expand their website.


  • You are essentially an unknown commodity. Why should a reader trust or value your site over a more well known one?

Patience is Key

Once you’ve had a blog set up for a short amount of time, you’ll want to start expanding the amount of views you receive. This is especially true if you’re trying to monetize your content with SEO building and Google AdSense. Your blog won’t be a success right away, and you’ll have to be patient and set up a system that works for you and promotes your website. This can take time, but it can save you plenty of headache down the road.

Remember, your blog isn’t going anywhere. Don’t rush into it trying to make some quick cash! Plan your website out. Build up your SEO and work on the quality of your content. It may take some time, but it’s a reliable way to get noticed and increase your web traffic.

Temper Your Expectations

Many people have ideas in their head that they can start raking in a decent income from a new blog as long as their content is good and their website is easy to use. It seems like a logical launching point for success, right? Not always. The most obvious problem facing a new or virtually unknown blog is that most people tend to prefer blogs with reputable information. Having a reputable blog also means having been active for a reasonable amount of time and having reliable material that readers trust. Your blog won’t have that advantage, and will have to work hard to assure readers that you can put out respectable content.

Save the Ad Content for Later

These methods end up taking more of your time and money, and because of the low level of web traffic currently headed your way, it will not pay for any of the work you are already committing to. Things like Google AdSense or pop up ads will only net you a worthy income if you first have the traffic required to maximize them. Save them for when your blog reaches a higher rate of consistent viewers.

Instead, try different things to jazz up your blogs accessibility.  These can include:

  • Referral Programs: A great way to earn some extra income while your blog stays in the low end of web traffic is to promote a referral program. Having an option for visitors to sign up for free content or news from a similarly linked program can net you some a small amount of cash per referral.


  • Link Affiliate Products: For the time being, another great way to earn some extra money from your blog would be to find a product that can be linked to your content and promote it on your blog or through a link. If you host a blog about fish tanks, then it would be logical to promote a new brand of tank that you feel would be interesting for the readers of your blog.

And Remember!

Sometimes your blog content just might not be able to compete with other topics, products and business’s out there. It isn’t your fault, but simply the demand of the market. Automobile blogs can be very popular, so your blog on chia pets might not stack up. You don’t have to forcefully expand your content at the expense of your comfort zone and niche.  If you feel strongly about specific content that isn’t a money maker, and it makes you happy, then it’s about time you decide whether you’d want to blog for an income or just for the fun of it!

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