How WordPress Web Hosting Can Benefit Your Business

Let’s be honest. Not everyone loves dealing with technology, especially when it comes to running a business. While everything you read talks about things like audience engagement, search engine optimization, clicks and conversions, you’re concerned about selling a product or service. If you’ve been in business for years, it can feel like things have gotten much too complicated. The good news is modernizing your business has actually never been easier. Do you need a site but seeing HTML makes your eyes glaze over? Would hiring a dedicated web developer break your budget? Luckily, platforms have been created that make meeting your technological requirements simple. Before you worry about anything else, you’re going to need to get a website up. That’s where WordPress web hosting comes into play.


If you’re not familiar with WordPress, chances are you’ve seen a site that was built on that platform but just didn’t realize it. After all, nearly a quarter of the websites you visit on any given day were built on WordPress. At this point, you’re probably wondering why so many people have decided to use this particular platform as the home base for their business. The answer is quite simple: hosting on WordPress is easy. Knowing how to code isn’t required. You don’t need a degree in graphic design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. All you need is a general idea of what you want to accomplish with your website and then choose from a wide variety of design elements that others have already put together. Behold! The beauty of the WordPress template. Some are free, some aren’t (the premium ones are quite nice, though) and they all provide you with something you can’t really put a price on: simplicity.


WordPress started as pretty much your standard run of the mill blogging platform in 2003. Like other platforms before it, it was a simple way to get up and running sharing your thoughts on the Internet. But if that’s all WordPress was, it would have eventually faded away like so many others. Instead, users began to understand the true potential of the publishing platform and over the next decade built it into the reliable business driver it is today. There are many features to take advantage of to modernize your business with minimal set up woes and on a tight budget. These features are growing by the day. Here are a few reasons why WordPress should be the go to platform for small and big businesses alike.


The Ability to Sell Your Products Directly


What was once simply an online diary can now power an e-commerce storefront thanks to easily installable plugins. In fact, the ability to have a shopping cart installed with minimum effort may be WordPress’s greatest selling point at the moment. Sure, you could partner with an already established giant like Amazon to get your products into the hands of a whole new customer base across the country. As any business owner knows, however, every middle man is going to ask for a cut of your profits. Why not sell your product directly from your very own site? As long as you have the logistical capabilities to store and ship your own products, installing a storefront on your WordPress site can take your business to the next level.


As Business Grows, So Can Your Site


Are you noticing that business is really booming now that you’ve established a web presence? That’s awesome, but scalability is a real concern when it comes to web traffic. Nothing could hurt revenue more than a site going down because too many new customers are trying to access it. Luckily, with the right WordPress web hosting provider, scalability isn’t an issue. They worry about things like server capacity, not you. You can be confident knowing they’ll have the architecture necessary to keep your business running twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Thousands of Tools at Your Disposal


Over the last decade, developers have created plugins that can make your site perform nearly any function. Let’s go back to a topic like search engine optimization, which is an important part of a modern business strategy. It’s very involved and time consuming in its own right. But with SEO plugins, the fundamentals are baked in when your site is created. Customers will have a better chance of finding your site on the search engine of their choice, and you can continue focusing on delivering quality products and services.


If you’ve been putting off building a website because it seemed like a headache that would cost too much money, consider having a site built and hosted on WordPress. Set up is minimal as far as creating a site is concerned, it’s stable, and it will bring the exposure needed to thrive in these highly competitive times. After all, if your business can’t be found on Google, you’re at a tremendous disadvantage. It’s time to stop leaving money on the table and start getting a leg up on the competition.

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