How WordPress Makes Digital Marketing Easier

Whether you’re building a site for your own business or you’re looking to create and manage some new online properties for a client, WordPress is the way to go.  For years, marketers have turned to WordPress for their search engine optimization and inbound marketing needs. There are many reasons why WordPress is the content management platform of choice for nearly a quarter of the web. Ease of use, an abundance of WordPress web hosting companies, and a near endless number of customization choices certainly top the list. However, it’s in the technical attributes of the CMS that you’ll find why WordPress is usually the go to choice for spearheading a digital marketing campaign. Let’s dive a bit into what sets WordPress apart from other platforms and why it reigns king in the world of digital marketing.




We’ve covered plugins a fair bit in this space and will continue to do so because there are so many to choose from. But it’s the SEO and lead generation plugins that really set WordPress apart from the competition. The Yoast SEO plugin is probably the most famous digital marketing plugin and with good reason. Pretty much every WordPress build isn’t considered complete without this plugin being installed. That’s because for years it’s been the gold standard for adding simple, but necessary, search elements to WordPress sites. Having an easy way to add meta data to your site is critical and Yoast gives that functionality without requiring a computer science degree. In the same vein, the Google XML Sitemap plugin performs a similar critical function that before would have required some working knowledge of code. The plugin generates a sitemap for you, which doesn’t have much effect on your human visitors. However, an XML sitemap is critical to your search engine optimization efforts. A sitemap allows Google to properly crawl and index your site for a boost in ranking power.


Integration Options


If you have a social network or app that doesn’t integrate with WordPress, it probably isn’t worth your time. Okay, that’s a pretty weighty proclamation. But nearly everything these days has some kind of WordPress integration functionality because it’s the backbone of so many websites. The major players like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have easy share functionalities that can be built into your site. Sending out your posts to your followers is as simple as hitting a button. Even better, you can schedule your promotions so you don’t have to worry about doing it manually. You can be confident knowing all your social marketing will happen for you while you take care of other aspects of your business.


It’s not just social media that you should integrate into your WordPress build, either. Popular writing apps like Ulysses have recently added integration features that let you post directly from the app. If you like to write on the go or prefer to write somewhere other than directly into WordPress itself, this is a very helpful feature. Streamlining your work flow is a good way to ensure you produce content regularly. Search engine results are positively affected by consistently updating your site.




What good is a strategy without measurable data to back it up? WordPress has many options available for reporting including the built in default measurement tools. Google Analytics is another reporting service that has excellent integration with WordPress. There are many plugins available that can enhance your view of traffic sources. This is key because then you can rearrange your site to better funnel visitors. Things you can view include what parts of the site visitors spend the most time on, how they got to your site, and at what point they exit the site. You can even see what regions of the world your visitors are coming from. Don’t overlook all the call to action plugins available, either. They are a great way to measure conversions and understand how visitors are actually interacting with your site.


Responsive Themes


Having a responsive site is a must. Though the exact science behind it is vague, we do know that that Google favors responsive sites in its search results over nonresponsive ones. While this may be a simple case of “more people will view the site on mobile if it’s actually built for mobile,” the digital marketing benefits are certainly there. Setting up a theme is also quick and easy. You can have your site fully responsive, laid out, and ready for business in minutes. Only WordPress can offer that.


If you’re looking to launch a digital marketing campaign or you’re trying to improve your own business, WordPress makes things easier. With easy hosting options, an endless array of themes, every plugin imaginable, and incomparable support, gaining ground with your marketing strategy has never been simpler.

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