How to Sell the C-Suite on WordPress

If you’ve been an IT manager or digital marketer for any period of time, you know the challenges you sometimes face trying to sell the C-suite on new initiatives. Doing a full site migration (or investing in a site upgrade at all) can be met with some resistance by business leaders because of the perceived cost vs. gain of a digital marketing campaign. Thankfully, we’re well past the days of having to sell business owners of having a site, period. Everyone, more or less, now understands the value of having a website. But, once it gets more technical than that, you may need to make a sales pitch to ensure you’re developing the right kind of site.


WordPress is the ideal platform for creating a site for your business. As an IT or marketing professional, you probably already know this. But, if you need to make the hard sell to the big decision makers, the following points should make your case for you.


It’s Easy to Use


If nothing else, this should be the biggest selling point. After all, there’s a reason you’re in charge of digital and the C-suite doesn’t want to know too much about it. Things involving the web are often labeled “difficult” or you may hear a response like “I don’t understand computer stuff. I’m just good at my part of the job.” Comments like that are fairly common. WordPress allows you to bypass “computer stuff” and just get your work done.


WordPress is no more complicated than (perhaps even easier to use than) your company’s intranet. As long as someone knows their login credentials, they can easily make edits to the site. Entry fields are self explanatory and the user interface shares much in common with your typical word processing software that nearly everyone in the professional workforce is already using.


It’s Popular


Okay, “everyone else is doing it!” may not be the verbiage you want to use. But, there are definitely advantages to using a content management platform that is currently being used by 26% of the entire internet. So, what does that mean in practical application? For starters, it means there is an abundance of documentation for troubleshooting any issues that arise. And if there’s one thing business owners demand, it’s quick fixes to problems. Another thing widespread usage accomplishes is guaranteed functionality. As you know, the development of WordPress plugins and themes are an industry unto themselves. No matter what you want your site to be able to do, there is something to install to accomplish that. Need an ecommerce site? There’s a plugin for that. Want to develop your own small social media network? Believe it or not, there are plugins for that as well. As an added bonus, installing these features is as simple as can be. This is certainly true when comparing installing plugins to hand coding scripts.




The security advantages of WordPress tie into its widespread use and popularity. When software is open source, like WordPress is, the community takes it upon themselves to “police” the product. WordPress undergoes pretty regular updates. One of the major reasons for this is security updates. As WordPress releases come out, new vulnerabilities are discovered by the public and are patched up in subsequent updates. This means WordPress is constantly being evaluated for security related weaknesses, which should put your CEO at ease. For extra security tips to really put your site on lockdown, there are plenty of lists to choose from.


Easily Customizable


Let’s be honest; businesses like to revamp every once in awhile and “modernize” their look. The core of one’s branding may stay the same, but the assets need to be updated. WordPress makes doing this a breeze. Switching out content is as easy as understanding the word processor-like interface. Pictures can be easily added to posts or to multiple pages (logos, banners, etc.) just by uploading them once to the correct place in the CMS.


Thanks to simple labeling, nearly any user can comfortably access the site and make the desired changes. The changes are reflected instantly, and voila, a whole new site. You can also always install different themes to completely change the layout whenever you desire.




Much like with plugins and themes, the popularity of WordPress has caused a proliferation of WordPress hosting companies. At, our philosophy is simplicity. We think your C-suite would agree that the best kind of website is one you can more or less set and forget. That’s why we provide easy hosting solutions that give you the resources you need without having to worry about the technical aspect of managing a server. No matter the size of your site, we have a solution for you. And if your business needs dictate expanding your site? We make sure scalability is a piece of cake. Contact us today to learn more.

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