Free vs Premium WordPress Themes

Whether you’re a blogger, designer, non-profit, entrepreneur, or if you’re a small business, web developers have already crafted different themed WordPress websites for you that are ready to install. All you really have to do is scroll until you land on one you like. With thousands and thousands of different WordPress themes and it wont be hard to find one that suits your needs. So just sit back, relax, and have a look.

Choosing a theme is important because this is what brings a WordPress site to life. It either pleases or displeases the viewer and ultimately leaves an impression—so you want to make a ‘fitting’ choice. When ever you’re searching for a theme you want to make sure you don’t download something malicious so just be careful where you go. There are a lot of great third parties to choose from like Theme Forest or Colorlib but you can also just use‘s Theme Directory. On July 18, 2008 WordPress launched their official WordPress Theme Directory and made it super safe-n-easy. WordPress has already done the hard work for you and filtered out the unworthly themes. They could have missed some though, so if you’re looking for that unique ‘one’ don’t be afraid to branch out! Now when going to install a WordPress theme for the first time you’ll see the default package comes with built-in default themes. For example with WordPress 4.5.3 you will find countless free themes like Zerif Lite, Sydney, or Athena. The thing about these themes though is that they are geared more towards personal use for students, photographers, fashion, travel, or moms. This works great; because most of the time people don’t want to spend a whole lot of time and money to get up and running. As fast as possible is always better!

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Moving on to Premium Themes that unlock a ton of doors you didn’t even know about! These can be found just as easily as you can find the free ones. Commercial or premium themes can be downloaded from developers or WordPress club sites ranging in price from $15 to more than $500. These themes are not conventional/simple themes; they have many professional and commercial features. The design of these themes can be altered according to your business and what you need. Some of these commercial themes even contain various professional Plug-ins and utilities like payment gateways which you can sell your products and services instantly with no hassle involved.

Here are some of the features a premium theme may have:

Incredible Quality

The design of these themes are of the highest-quality (besides completely custom). Some developers even claim they contain a pixel-perfect eye for detail which comes across in their aesthetic brilliance.

Contain Cutting-edge Features

These premium themes contain advanced features like Shortcodes and page templates with different colors that allow a user to have full control over their site and it’s pages can be manipulated according to the need.

Unparalleled Support

As these themes are commercial, developers know their responsibility and credibility and they provide top-notch support to their customers. The majority have a dedicated support staff who is ready to answer your query 24/7/365 which means your site won’t run into issues and if one ever comes up it’ll get taken care of in a timely manner.


These premium themes come with full-fledged documentation and you are at liberty to alter the theme’s CSS, header graphic/logo, images, icons and color scheme within seconds.


Because of the unmatched features you will find these themes can get very expensive. The lower the price, more than likely you are to get less features and the higher the price, the more likely you are to get more.

You will have to remain cautious even if you purchase a premium theme as the code of developers always differs. In this case you can rely on the word of mouth publicity or research how much experience a developer has in designing and packaging these sites.

The golden rule remains to fully inquire about any premium theme whether you are satisfied in using it before you put up the money or if you require lifetime support. Do your research for sure so you’re not disappointed.


If you need some help with what to ask or do, here are some to read over before you make a purchase:

  • What is your support policy? Some developers/companies offer only one year support while the majority of them offer lifetime support.
  • Check out the feedback of the theme! It’s always good to find other people who have used the theme you’re interested in before. That way you can read the reviews, find any issues/bugs and also—how they made it their own!
  • Carefully, read the terms and conditions of the theme look for any restrictions.
  • See if you’re eligible to participate in the support forum.

Now that you have some tools to help you The Team here at has no doubt you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for theme wise. 🙂 We’re always here to help if you ever have any questions so just let us know!

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