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People install WordPress blogs for a number of reasons. Some have their commercial websites, while others share their interest by blogging and communities who share their interests. If you are a regular user and update your blog regularly you can easily monetize it. There are millions of international companies competing with each other to publicize their brand to reach their target international audience. In case your blog is getting lots of traffic and has become popular here is your golden opportunity. You can easily get advertisements from various sources which can be put on your WordPress blog for a fee. There are so many different ways for advertisers to get their word out like placing, banners, text links, sponsored links, and affiliate products etc. on your site! So who is ready to monetize?

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Join Advertising Networks

One of the best options today is “Google Adsense”. If your sites get lots of traffic and you have at least 50 posts in your WordPress blog you become eligible for Google Adsense and you can send your application to google for approval. If you are lucky enough to get approved, you can place different sizes of advertisements on your WordPress blog and get an appropriate amount of money in return. The advertisement revenue for your site could be mind blowing. As various companies compete to place their advertisements on their targeted business websites. For example, if you get 1000 visitors a day, you can easily make $200 or more in a month by leveraging your blog. All you have to do is place your google advertisements wisely and you’ll get money for the clicks that come from your site. The formula is simple more clicks on ads = more money.

Other networks apart from Google Adsense like Rhythm One are also available to join. These networks pay on a per-click basis or on CPM basis, which of course depends on your site traffic.

Another option to monetize your blog has been to place text based ads within the text of your article. For example, if you have health related blog you can place the text-link ads within your posts which will refer to that particular product which visitors can purchase online and you get commission for selling the product from your blog or website. There are so many different niches to choose from to start getting money from your text-link ads.

Banner Ads

You can get ample money from your WordPress blog by selling sidebar, header, and footer space for banner ads to different companies who want to advertise on these premium places. You can place these ads for a fixed period of time, say for a week or month and charge accordingly. However, in this case advertisers too want to know about the statistics, i.e. how many people clicked on his/her banner and what the click through rate was. So you have to be ready to provide all this data to the advertiser. If you give the wrong information you will likely lose an advertiser, so be honest.

Affiliate Marketing

Another method of monetizing your WordPress blog which has remained popular to date is none other than affiliate marketing. All you have to do is to place banners of your advertiser. For example, if you have a golf, gardening, health or travel WordPress blog you simply place the provided affiliate banner(s) on your website’s free space. Visitors can then click on them and if they buy the product after clicking on your link you will get a part of the agreed commission. You have the option to place banner ads, text link ads, widgets or other script that the advertiser provides to you. People are making money from affiliate sites like Click Bank, Commission Junction, Amazon and other popular sites offering this service.

Monetize your blog by selling E-Books

You can also get good money by writing e-books on different subjects and sell them directly from your site in association with various payment gateways. You will get 100% profit as no other company will be involved for revenue sharing. WHICH IS AWESOME.

Classified Ads

In order to monetize your WordPress blog you can place classified ads such as a job board and of course, you can charge users for posting their ads. #GetMoney

Sponsored Blog Posts

This is yet another way to get money from your blog as you will be promoting products and services of commercial companies related to your blog. You can review the product for a company on your blog and charge them for it. You can also sponsor your own blog posts for a fee or offer to do a trade off with another company.

As soon as your blog starts getting popular you will definitely be approached by the advertisers who want to participate. So install WordPress today on your site and start blogging to #GetThatMONEY!

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