Boost Your Social Shares with These WordPress Plugins

Everything these days seems to rely on social media. If you’re not tweeting or sharing pictures on Instagram, it can feel like you might as well not exist. While many of us prefer some peace and quiet and may not worry too much about “existing,” your site can’t afford to be so low key. After all, social media drives about a third of all traffic to the average site. That’s a lot of visitors who won’t be reaching your site if you’re not active on a variety of social networks.


Trying to increase your social media presence, especially when it comes to your business, can often feel like walking into a huge warehouse party where you don’t know anyone and you’re just shouting to try and get some attention. There is a lot of noise to cut through in order to get any meaningful attention on social media. That’s why it’s so important to set yourself up for success by making it as easy as possible to share content from your WordPress site and also measure how successful your efforts are at reaching wider audiences. Luckily, WordPress developers have recognized the importance of integrated social media features so there are quite a few plugins you can choose from.  Make sure you have a plan with your web hosting company that will allow you to handle all the traffic you’re going to get from these great plugins. Here are a few notable ones.




Any respectable list of must have WordPress plugins is going to start with Jetpack and for good reason. It’s practically the Swiss Army knife of WordPress plugins. Its list of features is varied and nearly endless in its usefulness. One of those features is specifically tailored toward social sharing. JetPack allows you to add simple share buttons to the bottom of your posts so visitors can instantly share your content to the social network of their choice. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping the buttons where you want them to appear. You can choose from a wide variety of social networks/apps including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google +, Pinterest, Skype, Reddit, Pocket, LinkedIn, Telegram, and WhatsApp.


WP Social Sharing


WP Social Sharing is similar in scope to the sharing functionality of Jetpack but with one key difference: it is designed to be super lightweight. Whereas most social sharing plugins use images/API to display sharing buttons, this plugin opts for CSS3 instead which is significantly less taxing and more lightweight. The buttons are also responsive and will adapt to all displays. This is especially useful for smartphones.




SumoMe is a marketing plugin that is designed to help with lead generation. One aspect of its features list is social sharing. On its face it’s a pretty cool looking form generator that has awesome integration features with the major email marketing providers like MailChimp. It adds customizable share buttons for all the major social networks to your posts, but includes more analytics based functionality as well. You can track the clicks through SumoMe’s dashboard. It also offers mobile optimization and a variety of other tracking features so you can really dig into the data and perform some A/B testing on your button placement.


Social Buzz


SocialBuzz is a unique plugin to say the least. But what makes it a little odd is also what makes it interesting. Your mileage may vary, but it’s at least worth looking into because its functionality is so distinct. SocialBuzz relies on people’s tendency to want to be involved with what’s popular. Yes, it has appealing looking social share buttons like the other plugins listed here. But, the “secret sauce” so to speak is the large share counter and graph that appears next to the buttons. The graph displays the amount of sharing activity around the post. As more people share the post, obviously, the graph trends up. The idea is people will see it’s a hot topic, and then be inclined to share your post in order to join the conversation.




Shareaholic is another plugin with unique functionality. It calls itself a “content amplification platform.” It’s important to point out that this is an ad based service. So, if you’re not interested in ads or you can’t run ads, Shareholic isn’t for you. But if adding sharing functionality and monetization features to your site is what you’re after, you may like this plugin. Share buttons are par for the course. The unique functionality comes in with the use of native ads, affiliate links, and promoted content from around the web.




If you can get some use of some combination of these plugins, you’re well on your way to upping your social media game. WordPress is the perfect platform for creating easily shareable content that will help your business grow. If you’re looking to set up a WordPress site with a hosting company that specializes in the platform, contact the team at today for some expert assistance.

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  1. Thank you for this nice article! I am using microblog poster to auto republish old blog posts and it works great! Powerful plugin!

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