6 Important Elements of Web Hosting

When choosing the right hosting provider for your WordPress blog, there’s an extensive amount of options to consider. The most common factors that you may face when searching for the right web hosting services is the cost of the provider itself, the reliability of their hardware, server space, the quality of their tech support, ease of access, and a high level of customization. Often times the needs of your blog may require even further investigation, such as simply making sure that the web host is ultimately the right match for you. To this end, several web hosting providers offer specialized services geared towards specific business’s and areas of expertise. Others provide you with a range of services, themes and pricing options to help you get the best possible experience while adhering to your personal budget and needs.


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While all of the above can certainly seem daunting and time consuming, it doesn’t mean that finding the right web hosting provider has to be a headache. A quick or extensive google search will bring up a myriad of web hosting sites that offer a nearly limitless supply of potential and investment. If you’re using a WordPress blog, there’s a great chance that some web providers will offer special and specific services geared towards your WordPress blog and the WordPress platform itself. WP.land, for instance, offers thousands of useful plugins, themes, features and pricing options to meet both rigorous or flexible hosting needs. And the best part is that they are tailored to the specific requirements of your WordPress blog! Ultimately, the final decision rests with what you are comfortable with. If you are a WordPress blog owner, then consider some of the important factors below when searching for your ideal web host.

  • Pricing: This is often the first thing that is taken into consideration when finding a proper web host. While some web providers might offer free or cheaply priced services as an inviting lure, it’s best to take your time and thoroughly research what each web host can provide that fits comfortably within your price range. Compare prices, look into what is provided with your potential investment. A low-cost or even free web host provider may not be able to offer the same level of commitment, options or even staff support that a more well-financed host might be able to provide.
  • Ease of Access: A great portion of your personal comfort and the ability to work with and fully understand what you can manage and control is important. Not every person is capable of understanding a complex or faulty user interface that may leave you frustrated and just compounds a problem. Look for simple, clean and organized UI’s that allow you to easily work with and master. Communication is also important! Make sure they can provide you with clear and accessible updates and notifications if required.
  • Features: The bread and butter of your web hosting needs comes down to what they can provide for you and your blog. If your blog requires certain or specific services, you may want to narrow down your choice to one that can best offer you the options that fit your blog. The amount of data, RAM space, the level of hardware, having a dependable data backup should anything go awry. All of these are factors to consider when looking to fill in and leave your blog well structured and sturdy.


  • Security: Keeping your content safe and secure is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a dependable platform. Many web hosts provide a data backup for those oops moments in life. Sometimes you have an error that crashes your blog, or a malicious hacker or another security concern that has compromised your blog and has either disrupted or destroyed what you have worked so hard for. In rare cases, you may have even accidentally deleted your own blog code and content! Great web hosts regularly provide encrypted email services, SFTP (Secure file transfer protocol), and usually maintain a regular and trusted network that is constantly maintained and checked upon.
  • Customer Support: While it may not seem as important as the other factors listed here, a great and caring customer support network could make or break interest in a web host. No matter how clear or precise a hosts site or foundation may be, problems can arise and there should always be someone ready and available to help soothe over any complications that can occur.
  • The Right Fit: As mentioned earlier, several web hosts will provide specialized services tailored towards your blog if it fits their targeted platform. In the case of a WordPress blog, you can find reliable and affordable options with web hosts that gear themselves specifically towards the WordPress platform. Not only will this save you valuable time when looking for potential hosts, it will also cut down the amount of work you will have to put in for yourself. You will also have access to a wide variety of unique and helpful services, such as ways to install WordPress associated plugins, 1-click installation and more!

Overall, the amount at your disposal when conduction your search are wide and varied. And ultimately, your decision should come down to what you most feel comfortable with accepting and how best a web host may build themselves around your blog. You can do amazing things with the WordPress platform behind your back and a great web host supporting you through the process of building your business!


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